The Way of Adventure #1

Well, here we go. Our good friend Blake Boles released a free online course designed to help young people take a bigger view of their life and get out of their comfort zones called The Way of Adventure. Me and some folks from PLC are going to give it a shot. There are 12 challenges to complete. Blake says, to date, no one has completed them all. Game on 🙂

I have no idea what the rest of them are, but the first one was to work with a librarian to help you learn more about something you are interested in and then post a selfie with you, the librarian and one of the resources they helped you find. So there I was talking with fantastically enthusiastic and helpful Dawn of the Bucks County Free Library System looking for books for my young kids to help explain why things work the way they do – like, why is the sky blue, how come we only see one side of the moon, why are there waves, etc.

Maybe you know a young person who wants to live a life of adventure. Maybe YOU want to live a life of more adventure. Maybe you want to check out the course from Blake and share your results.

Thanks to Dawn and thanks to Blake!