Self-Directed Education is a Really Good Idea: A TEDx Talk

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There is a lot of talk about how traditional education is not always a good fit for every young person. What’s not talked about as much, but is absolutely true from my experience in the system, is that traditional education is not a good fit for many of the adults working there as well. Here’s the video of the TEDx talk I gave in October entitled, Teacher Liberation. The primary focus was reaching educators who love working with young people, but are frustrated by the traditional educational systems where they work so they might be inspired to create self-directed education centers in their communities.

But I think the talk could also be interesting for parents, self-directed learners, people who are looking for something other than traditional schools, or others just interested in the idea of young people and their families being in charge of their own education.

I hope you enjoy it. I love talking about self-directed education so if you have any thoughts or would like to talk more, please be in touch –